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Mayfair office Article

Mayfair Office

Mayfair is globally known as one of the leading office locations not just in London but in the world. There are some fantastic office schemes in Mayfair which provide businesses the perfect opportunity to be in such a well known business location. Mayfair is not just popular for offices but also hotels, retail and residential. 

Especially given how much demand is in Mayfair it is only a small area and is the area between Park Lane (West), Oxford Street (North), Regents Street (East) and Piccadilly (South). More information about Mayfair can be found in our Mayfair office space article: MAYFAIR


Mayfair started as fields until around 1686 which is when first development started in what is now Southern Mayfair. The original development was to move the May Fair from a nearby location into what is now known as Shepherds Market. Today Mayfair is packed full with a number of buildings for a range of uses and currently the demand in Mayfair is well above the current levels of supply.

For commercial property agents such as Victor Harris Commercial it is putting our property search service in high demand because businesses and individuals are struggling to find what they need themselves. 

Rents in Mayfair

Currently in 2014 office rents are at a consistent high level which has been created by the influx in international demand. Offices in Mayfair are highly sought after and this has caused rents for Grade A office space to be currently at £88.50 per sq ft plus. There are a number of schemes where the rents have exceed the £100.00 per sq ft barrier. Beyond the demand if you look at residential in Mayfair you will quickly see how rents in offices also have been influenced. One would now pay close to £250,000 per annum for a residential house which is only approximately 2,500 sq ft for example. 

It is important if you are looking for office space in Mayfair you consult with a local agent such as Victor Harris Commercial. Our agency team will ensure you are in safe hands and get complete coverage when you are looking for your new offices in the area. Contact us to arrange an appointment either on 020 7183 8458 or by e-mail 
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