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Is your commercial lease is about to end? 

This is a crucial time for landlords and tenants because it usually leads to a negotiation over the dilapidations. Starting with the basics what is dilapidations?

Definition of Dilapidations - "the state or process of falling into decay or being in disrepair."


What is the best way to deal with your Dilapidations? 

Firstly speak to Victor Harris who will review your lease and then create a report with professional advice. Following our recommendations you will move the negotiation successfully within the timeframes.  

Interesting information...

Did you know - if you leave the negotiations until after the lease has expired, even if it is by a day, you will be responsible for lost rent. This is the rent that is being missed while the landlord has to agree a settlement before finding a new tenant.

For further information regarding dilapidations contact Victor Harris on 020 7183 8458 or e-mail info@victorharris.co.uk


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