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Finding a commercial office in London is becoming increasingly difficult in Central London for office tenants. So why is this the case? What is the current situation with the office marketplace in London? 

Generally in London the Commercial office market has experienced rise in London office demand which has resulted in office supply drop to low levels and this also is the case for retail in prime London. To find leisure, offices, retail or medical space is becoming increasingly difficult and has led to another rise in rents. For example in 2012 average rents in Mayfair for good grade B quality offices was at approximately £40.00 per sq ft however in 2014 this has risen according to Victor Harris to £55.00 per sq ft. Most recently average rents have now increased in Mayfair to £70.00 per sq ft which makes office space in London one of the most expensive in the world. Later this year in 2016 we anticipate increase to business rates which will make it even harder to find office space in London. 

Photo of available offices in the City of London - Contact Victor Harris to find out about these offices or any others in London. 0207 183 8458

Lloyd Harris who is director of Victor Harris reports that currently companies looking between 500 sq ft - 5,000 sq ft we have noticed supply in property has created a ratio which is that for every available office on average there are five companies looking. "Parties are now competing over space and the aim is to find property quicker than the market".

With this being the case Victor Harris are offering their find a London service to proposed tenants who wish to compete with the market and find space quicker than others looking.

Are you experiencing difficulty in finding offices in London? Do you want to find a London office? Do you want to test our find a London office service for yourself?

Give us a call if you wish to have an informal chat to expand further how we can add value to your London office search. In fact here are some main reasons why you would choose Victor Harris to find your office:- 


Victor Harris are able to find property within a short period of time which will save you money and time, we do this using our database systems.


We know Central London well because we are a local agent this is invaluable especially when we are negotiating office terms. Also having repeated the search to find office space for tenants on a number of occasions we are able to ensure the service we offer you is highly efficient. 

London Office Coverage

With the systems we use you will quickly realise that you will get better office coverage than if you were to try and find a London office yourself. 

Office Negotiations 

Once the office has been successfully located by us on your behalf in London, we would then negotiate advantageous terms on your behalf. Not only ensuring that you find your office but also the negotiation process leaves you with a successful outcome with the office ready to move into within your timeframes. 

Victor Harris will also verify the landlords claims such as verifying the office quoting rent, measuring the office to ensure it is the correct size and also securing your dilapidations to ensure throughout the tenure there are no complications. 

To find out more about our London office service or how we are able to ensure success when finding your office in London get in touch on 020 7183 8458. Find my London Office    

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