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 Property Dilapidations 

Dilapidations definition:-"state of deterioration due to old age or long use." 


Victor Harris have chartered surveyors on board who are incentivised by you to get the right results with dilapidations. Our team ensure that you are best represented when negotiating an early lease exits or when your lease ends and dilapidations must be settled. 
Did You know: If dilapidations are not agreed until after the lease expiry date then the tenant is liable to cover lost rent for the period of time it takes after the lease expiry to agree dilapidations.

 Our dilapidations service ensures we agree the repair responsibilities efficiently leaving the end result successful for our client. Victor Harris ensure the dilapidations process will ensure that when solicitors are instructed the main commercial terms regarding the dilapidations have been agreed leaving you in with a conclusion that you are happy with. 

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